Vlachos Orthodontics is dedicated to providing the most advanced treatment methods to his patients. If you are ready to begin treatment after your initial consult, we will take a full complement of digital records and use them to set up a customized treatment plan best suited for your needs!

The braces, which are based on specific measurements, are placed into customized trays fabricated to fit your teeth. At your following bonding appointment, they are transferred onto your teeth through a precise, simple, fast and painless procedure.

This method offers significant benefits over the traditional method of placing braces.

  • Since we spend a large amount of time customizing the braces prior to placement, the patient’s chair time may be reduced by at least 50%.
  • The braces are placed within one appointment and in the correct position, which reduces the overall length of treatment.
  • The number of office visits required to achieve optimal results is reduced because the braces and wires used are of a higher quality.

SMILE…you will be amazed at what happens in the first 3 months!

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