The service is absolutely superb. Staff is wonderful, courteous, and timely. Everyone goes beyond to make each visit a pleasant one. Very professional.

I often need to reschedule my appointments due to my work schedule and it never feels like an inconvenience. Priscilla is always happy to help.

The technology is so up-to-date. It always seems like you’re getting the best treatment available due to the resources the practice uses.

This has been one of the best experiences that I have ever had. My daughter’s progress has been above what I even imagined. Thank You!

Everyone is so friendly. I could not have asked for a better establishment to have my orthodontic work done. I have been and still am very pleased with the entire staff.

No, you all are the best! I recommend you to everybody.

I believe that your office is miles ahead of all others. I do not see any changes need to be made.
Letter received May 2009

We were very pleased to bring Ellen to your office…We were very impressed with your staff, they were very nice and friendly….We feel very lucky that your clinic is accessible to us since we live in Jacksonville. Looking forward to bringing Ellen back to your clinic in the future… The Alencars
E-mail dated May 2009
I just finished the survey and I wanted you to know that you and your staff are outstanding. I have had a wonderful experience with Advanced Orthodontics. I appreciate the warm service and friendly faces. Keep up the good work!!! Thanks again.
Monica Foster
E-mail dated May 2009

Good morning doc…just though i would let you know that your handy work on Bryan’s teeth looks great!! He is a little sore but nothing abnormal considering the movement that has just begun. He really enjoyed working with you yesterday and was very pleased by how fast the entire procedure took. Can’t wait to see those teeth start moving…Thanks again.
Post Card dated Jan 2009